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With multichannel ecommerce, you can sell your products on multiple places such as online marketplaces, social media platforms and webstore. By selling on more sales channels, it provides more exposure for your products, and more sales as well. Imagine that shoppers in different marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Presto Mall, Facebook and more are browsing your products right now. It is not enough to just sell on your webstore when you first started ecommerce. So, instead of overspending on ads to generate traffic, why not let the traffic and sales come to you? Multichannel ecommerce is the secret to many online sellers’ successes as over 4800+ online sellers are currently using SiteGiant to sync and sell everywhere as we speak.


Check out how Sitegiant can help you when it comes to multichannel ecommerce ! 



1. Marketplace Sync


Why just 1 when you can sell on multiple maketplace ?

Secret to success proven by many Malaysia Power Sellers !




Manage your product listings all in one platform

List your products from SiteGiant to local and international marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee, Presto Mall and more) with just a few clicks.


Unify inventory across all marketplace

Ensure inventory details and stock count are caccurate to prevent overselling and underselling.


Detail analytic and reporting

Allow you to review marketplace sales, track product performance and make better strategy implementation.


Customize pricing for different marketplace

Customize your pricing in each marketplace to capture more profit, sell online your way.



2. Social Commerce




Efficiently set up features to boost sales on Facebook and Instagram



Facebook shop

Connect, Sync, Sell. Just connect your Facebook Page to SiteGiant and sync over your products to sell.


Facebook messenger shop 

Increase your Facebook sales by allowing your customer to browse and buy products via Facebook messenger.


Facebook smart responder

Reduce your workload by allowing us to auto reply customers comments on your Facebook posts.


Facebook messenger bot

Setup some standard replies and replies and let messenger bot help you auto reoly your customers' messages.


Instagram shopping

Add prosuct tags with attractive prosuct information in your Instagram post or stories and entice customers to puchase.



3. Webstore



A simple way to create a stunning and mobile friendly webstore without coding



Mobile friendly webstore templates

Impress your customers with a beautiful, mobile friendly storefront.


SiteGiant Templates Editor

Customize your storefront easily, perfect for those who isn’t equipped with IT knowledge.


Powerful marketing tools

Boost sales and drive traffic to your webstore by using gift vouchers, coupons, affiliates, store credit and many more! Everything you need to run your marketing strategies.


Robust overall Performance analysis

Drill into store performance, customer behaviors and product trend. Learn about your customer behavior and implement better marketing strategies.


4. WhatsApp Commerce



Automate and simplify your order taking process



Automate your order taking process
All the orders made by the customers via WhatsApp Order Form will appear in your store’s order tab. Hence, making it easier for you to process their orders.

  Speed up customer’s checkout process
Bypass the “add to cart” process and direct customers to the checkout section instantly to help secure your sales and improve your conversion rate.
Flexibility to create your order form
You can create different order forms based on product categories, making it easier for you to send over the payment link.
  Improve inventory accuracy
When a customer places an order, it will auto-deduct your inventory to prevent overselling.



5. Facebook Live Commerce



Facebook Live Selling Made Simple


No more manually recording all your live orders
All your bidders’ live orders will be recorded in the system, making it easier for you to retrieve the orders after the live session has ended.
  Reduce your workload in messaging
After a product sale session has ended, the system will automatically send out the purchase link via Messenger to all the winning bidders.
Save time from calculating inventory manually
It will auto-deduct your stock based on bidders’ order quantity and this way you can know the balance stock of a product.
  Know your best selling product
By looking at the number of bidders and total bids of a product, you will be able to find out which product is on high demand by your customers.




6. SiteGiant MultiChat



Manage multiple chats in one place


Centralized Chat Management
Conveniently view and manage all your chats from Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp within one platform!
  Multiple Staff Account Access
Organize and assign permission to your staff accordingly to engage with potential customers on selected marketplace stores or social media account chats
Better Response Rate and Customer Satisfaction
Notification will appear for chats with new messages so that you won’t miss out on responding to your customers.




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