iRS Multi-Store License
iRS Multi-Store License
iRS Multi-Store License


IRS Multi-Store License



Business Type 
  • Company have multi brunches in local or oversea
Stock Creation
  • Permits Head Office centralized stock Creation and bar codes. (it mean stock information can be duplicated to another shops.)
  • Permits Head Office to maintain the Promotion Centrally and duplicate it to another shop.
Stock Lookup
  • Allow Head Office / Branches to view every shop’s stock on hand and the stock need to be ordered.
  • Particulars can be duplicated in another shop. (it means customer’s particulars is identical.)
  • Particulars can be duplicated in another shop. (it means vendor’s particulars is identical.)
Consolidate Report
  • Over a user-defined period, Head office can view how shops are performing in terms of sales, gross profit, number of sales over any period, inventory status & etc. The reports can be broken down by shops & by-product.
Stock Transfer
  • Head office & branches able to transfer stock to others branches.
  • Able to view consolidate report for sales & inventory status via handphone.
Distributed Concept
  • All branches data are stored at branch & head office computer, therefore no impact to others if one of the branch systems is down.
Bill to Branch
  • Able to bill certain branches during stock transfer. (Example: Branch Own by different person)


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