Time Attendance System

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A prefect time attendance system to fulfill with different work time requirements.



Delivering effective, reliable & innovative attendance management solution.

GPS | QR Code | Face | Fingerprint | Password





Real Time Sync Employee's Attendance

from Biometric Machines / Eco Cloud Clocking


Ecotimeprint Time Attendance System is a windows application that can capture employee entry and exit time from Biometric Machine / Eco Cloud Cloking. Attendance data will be synchronized to the Ecotimeprint ETA2 Attendance Software. Ecotimeprint can help organizations of any size manage their schedules, easily track employee hours, attendance paid leave, scheduled shifts, work and shift records and get control of your labor costs.



A Complete System To Manage Your Team


EcoTimePrint ETA2

Time Attendance Software 








Plan schedules for employees & send out shifts. Manage shift changes on ETA2.


Staff clock-in for work and during breaks. Records are reflected on timesheets.


Edit and export accurate timesheets for monthly payroll. Don't pay for time theft!


2 Options To Capture Employees Attendance Data


1. Biometric Machine


Suitable for small businesses and centers

  • 2.8 inch TFT color screen.
  • Employee authentication methods: Face, Fingerprint or Password.
  • TCP/IP & USB Flash Disk
  • Up to 200 Face Templates, 400 Fingerprint Templates and 50,000 attendance records.
  • Door Access Function.


Suitable for medium and large organizations

  • 4.3 inch TFT color screen.

  • Employee authentication methods: Face, Fingerprint or Password.

  • TCP/IP & USB Flash Disk

  • Up to 3,000 Face Templates, 2,000 Fingerprint Templates and 150,000 attendance records.

  • Door Access Function.



2. Eco Cloud Clocking

Yearly Subcription


ECO Cloud Clocking is an online mobile and web attendance clock system with GPS and QR Code clock functions. By using this system, employers can view the employees’ daily clock attendance, manage leave applications & send messages. Employee will able to use their mobile phone to do clocking attendance, view their attendance & apply leave.



Options for Scalability



Obtain a multi-location attendance system to monitor the attendance of employees. Organizations with multiple locations are facing a big challenge in maintaining employee attendance data. Ecotimeprint provides hardware and software to capture and process attendance. Use the concept of push data to solve this problem. Customers with multiple branches can use Ecotimeprint's time attendance management solutions with confidence. 


Customizable Data Export Template

Most payroll software on the market can import Ecotimeprint export templates. Ecotimeprint can create different types of templates, such as raw data, attendance details, and attendance summaries. Export file format: Excel file, text file, CSV file, XML file. The template can be download from Ecotimeprint ETA2 or the cloud.



Up to 16 Types of Report




Integration / Collaboration with


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